Ever since I first heard Stephen Stills playing 4+20 I wanted to play guitar but even more I wanted to write songs. And that´s what I still do: play guitar and write songs. Been at it a long time, playing in some local bands in the 80´s but eventually deciding not to pursue live music any further. Some say I should have. Some say it´s good I didn´t! Who knows. It´s great to be playing again.

In 2007 I met a great guitarist, Erman Dirikcan. (You can hear his guitar solos on the album). We got together, I picked up the guitar again, dove into my “back catalogue” of tunes, polished some off and wrote some more new ones for my first cd “Wanted This Forever”. Erman and I produced this album. Along with a great bunch of jazz musicians (basically all in the Rotterdam area) we recorded the tunes. Loved their approach to music and am grateful for all of their help.

Mostly the songs originated on an acoustic guitar but the arrangements on the album are for a full band. It´s great to have backing vocals, grooving guitars, a rocking drummer, pumping bass and trumpets and keys. What a difference!

Again, hope you like what you hear. More songs are waiting in the wings. Won´t wait forever for the next album.