Well…it’s been a long time coming and here it is. Some old songs, more new ones and hopefully songs you like. A lot of ideas, searches for the evasive chord, that little line and that little word finally all came together. Most of the songs were written while I was sitting in the attic playing on an old nylon string guitar. These tunes made it out of the attic, thanks to some great people.

A huge thanks to Erman Dirikcan for all his help, valuable lessons and patience (not to mention the guitar playing). And one more to Yaşar Saka at Yay Music for all of his support, guidance and good ideas.

Thanks to the musicians, technicians, artists and everyone who worked on this album. Also, thanks to many, many friends and family who waited forever. Thanks to Jelle and Michaela Schouten for a helping hand. Finally a special thank you to Cees van der Meulen, Hans Greeve and Diane Finlayson who provided technical and songwriting support.

— Caroline and Anne this one’s for you.